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Why salesTALK?

The presentation system of our time


All participants can actively participate in the presentation and its course according to your rules. The interaction of the audience creates attention and interest in each conversation.


The intelligent content of salesTALK allows unprecedented dynamics in your presentation. By means of smart content control, you decide what your audience sees and what they don't.

PowerPoint Import

You already have a company or sales presentation?
Perfect! Existing presentations can be directly imported and extended.

Excel Integration

Use existing Excel data and calculations live in your presentation. Import Excel files directly and easily link values and formulas to presentation elements.

Online & Face-to-Face

salesTALK is always the right solution for your sales talk! Use the program online in your web browser or face-to-face on tablets.


The modern presentation software - salesTALK

The functions at a glance

Static content is no longer up to date.
Better would be a presentation software with which you:

1. ... be able to involve the audience in the presentation

2. ... be able to use the advantages online & offline

3. ... be able to dynamically adapt content depending on the audience

4. ... be able to import already existing content without problems

Why salesTALK? - explained by the founder

“Why salesTALK? Because it is the presentation system of our time.”

Wolfgang Müller
CEO salesTALK, relleumSystem GmbH

Interactivity, dynamics & a powerful ally - salesTALK

The advantages of the presentation software

The salesTALK presentation software allows you to actively involve your audience in the presentation. Listeners thus have the feeling of being actively involved in the course of the conversation at all times. This strengthens the sense of community immensely and enables a much more intensive discussion experience.

With salesTALK you present online just as well as offline on site. You and other participants can interact simultaneously with the content of the presentation via coupled IPads – according to your rules. The IPad serves as a monitor and input device for the other participants. Thus you can use the advantages of salesTALK at any time, without complicated infrastructure, simply everywhere.

SalesTALK presentation software allows you to import old documents and give them new life. Existing PowerPoint presentations and PDF documents are simply imported and can be used immediately. This means that all the functions of salesTALK are available to you from the very first second. You decide how and when to expand your presentation with additional features. 

Thanks to Excel integration, getting started and using salesTALK is easy for everyone to understand. Use existing Excel data and calculations live in your presentation. Excel files can be imported directly and values and formulas can be easily linked to presentation elements.

A good presentation should help you stay relevant with the customer. With salesTALK you can adjust the course and content of the slides during the presentation. Thus, you show the customer only content that really interests him. For this purpose, salesTALK presentations are intelligent. You can tell your presentation which customer is sitting in front of you and what his pain points are. salesTALK provides you with the content that is relevant to your goal achievement. 

To keep the upper hand, you always need to see more than the customer. For this, salesTALK provides you with a powerful ally in the form of the SellerUI. The SellerUI is an additional display on the Presenter screen where additional information can be entered and read. In addition, the SellerUI learns from your past successes and the successes of your colleagues. Thus, all the knowledge is always available to you at the right time.

100% Sales- & Customer-Engagement