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The new turbo for your sales talk: Value added sales talk

In the future, only deals that offer real added value and respond individually to customer problems will be won in value added sales talks. In this article, we will show you how to conduct a value added sales talk using suitable tools.

The customer and his needs are the focus

A good value added sales talk never focuses on the product, but on the customer. The goal is to generate and reinforce the will to buy. Only this leads to the conclusion of a deal. Only if the product solves the customer’s problems will he be convinced that he really needs the product.

Needs analysis with Smalltalk – individual Storytelling – Closing with Need-Payoff Questions

A good product presentation consists of

  • Needs analysis in small talk with open questions and interactive involvement of the customer
  • Individual product presentation adapted to the needs and type of customer
  • Conclusion with optimal Need-Payoff Questions

The presentation as such should not necessarily be recognized as a sales talk, but should be embedded in a larger context. Small talk creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere that allows the customer to express himself freely and to be the focus of the conversation. This type of selling is known as consultative selling and provides a suitable setting here.

Smart presentation enhances buyer experience

A smart product presentation with needs analysis and individual storytelling provides the customer with the expected added value and significantly increases the buyer experience.

It is also important to address the customer according to his or her type, for example, according to the DISG model. The customer feels fully perceived and only sees content that is relevant to him.

The resulting salesperson competence increases confidence in the salesperson’s problem-solving skills. This leads to a stronger willingness to buy on the part of the customer.


The most important thing about modern value added sales talk is the creation of added value for the customer. With the right tools, generating added value is made easier. The salesperson who is the first to successfully generate added value is also the one who can offer an optimal solution to the problem and wins the deal.