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Tools for sales

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What are the sales tools?

Four tools for your success!

Modern B2B sales require a high degree of digitization, automation and personalization to reach the customer and the entire buying center in the same way during the sales process. Some tools have been developed explicitly for modern and digital sales and are designed to perfectly cover its requirements. Similar to a jigsaw puzzle, it is the juxtaposition of such tools that creates the perfect digital B2B sales funnel and guarantees real benefits and sustainable success.

The range of digital sales tools has increased significantly in recent years and facilitates digital sales. In the following, we present four tools with which you are equipped for everything in modern sales!

The following 4 tools make life easier for your modern sales force:

1) Presentation systems

The heart of modern sales

The sales pitch is the decisive key moment and the true heart of sales. At this point in the sales process, the counterpart should finally be won over for one’s own products and services and convert to a customer. Modern sales thus stands and falls with a convincing, competent and meaningful presentation.

As the process of sales and marketing becomes increasingly digital in the future, it is time for presentation systems to adapt to the modern standard. Digitization, the Internet and globalization mean that the attention span of the audience is becoming shorter and shorter. Listeners are also increasingly demanding individualization and personalization. Modern sales conversations must cover these requirements. Modern sales calls for a rethought presentation.


salesTALK: The interactive presentation system for the modern sales department

Modern presentations must meet today’s demands for fast-paced, interactive, and personalization. Modern sales demands a true ally in the sales conversation.
The salesTALK software is the perfect solution for an interactive sales talk and the missing piece of the puzzle for modern sales. The innovative tool extends the advantages of existing presentation systems with a variety of helpful functions. The most important: You as the presenter can actively involve your participants in the conversation and still hold the reins and control each presentation according to your rules.
Every person and every customer is different, so successful sales conversations can only be standardized to a limited extent. salesTALK therefore offers a new approach to the sales conversation: the tool stores any information about the user’s behavior and helps to understand the customer and thus identify the type of lead. Presentations can be customized to the customer: so you always have the right presentation for each lead!

The most important functions of salesTALK explained:

1. Interaction with your customer

The presentation system allows the presenter to actively involve participants in the presentation. Each participant is thus actively involved in the course of the conversation at all times. The result is a significantly more intensive discussion experience and increased interest on the part of participants and potential customers. 

2. Dynamics for your presentation

The presentation system salesTALK allows the presenter to adjust the course and content of the slides during the presentation. Thus, you show the customer only content that really interests him. For this purpose, salesTALK presentations are intelligent. You can tell your presentation which customer is sitting in front of you and what his pain points are. salesTALK offers you only content that is relevant to your goal achievement.

3. Flexibility online & offline

The presentation tool can be used just as effectively online via the browser as via app on a mobile device. Connected pads allow you and other participants to interact simultaneously with the content of the presentation. 

4. PowerPoint & PDF Import

The presentation software salesTALK allows you to import existing documents and extend them with salesTALK functions. PowerPoint and PDF  import allow easy handling and guarantee a quick start.

5. Presenter View as a partner at your side

The Presenter View is an additional display on the Presenter screen where additional information can be entered and read. In addition, the Presenter View learns from your past successes and the successes of your colleagues. So all the knowledge is always available to you at the right time.

The result is a presentation perfectly tailored to sales!

Always ready and easy to use!

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2) Systems for sales enablement in modern sales

What is Sales Enablement?

Modern sales requires comprehensive sales enablement for all processes. Sales enablement comprises the strategic equipping of the marketing and sales department with effective and efficient tools that enable the creation, processing and forwarding of modern documents. The goal here is to sustainably support the sales department in all sales activities that arise and to ensure that every sales employee has all the resources to interact with buyers at every step of the buying process at all times.

The platform for sales of the future

The Showpad platform is a modern solution for sales enablement in your own company. Showpad makes it easy to manage materials centrally. You can flexibly define the rights of use of the tool by your employees and sales staff. Data can be imported and synchronized from existing CMS or DAM systems. With the help of Showpad’s content management system, you can efficiently manage your content and quickly inform your teams about updates. This way, the right people can access the right information – and at exactly the right time.

Some features of Showpad at a glance:

3) Systems for CRM & Sales Automation in Modern Sales

What is Sales Automation?

Sales automation refers to the comprehensive automation of sales processes by means of intelligent hardware and software. Through better management, administrative tasks are to be minimized in this way, thus making everyday work easier. The aim here is that the salesperson can invest the time thus saved in the actual sales conversation.
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a way of using automation software in your own company and supports the sales department in managing customer data. A good and well-maintained CRM system is the perfect repository of easily retrievable digital records, customer data and project information and provides useful insights in daily use.

A simple CRM

HubSpot is a good example of a comprehensive and helpful CRM system. HubSpot’s CRM platform includes all the necessary tools for your sales team and sales department. HubSpot’s CRM solution is comprehensive in that it helps you and your sales team generate leads, accelerate your sales, and improve the customer experience. HubSpot even has an extension on offer that can be used to create your own powerful website.
The options for use are many and are designed to directly simplify various processes: With its numerous specializations, HubSpot sales software simplifies tasks in marketing, sales, customer service, content management, and other business processes, among others.

Some HubSpot features at a glance:

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4) Collaboration software in modern sales

What is collaboration software?

A collaboration tool or collaboration software enables more efficient and effective collaboration in projects. In the area of planning, organization and analysis of customer projects, processes are to be optimized through efficient collaboration. Together with customers, content can be created, shared and expanded within the scope of projects.
Collaboration software can be used in different areas. Application areas include mind mapping, calendaring, file sharing and real-time communication.

Achieving more together

The Microsoft Teams program is an example of software from the field of real-time communication. Many companies around the world rely on Microsoft’s solution, and for good reason: the Microsoft company places particular emphasis on simplicity – via the Microsoft Teams collaboration tool, online meetings for a project can be held easily and quickly, regardless of the location of the people taking part. A convenient online digital presentation and meeting is steadily replacing the traditional on-site visit in modern sales. Microsoft Teams simplifies said appointments with potential customers. In advance, flexible invitations in the form of a link can be sent to participants, who can then join the conference via a browser. The system offers many suitable backgrounds to protect one’s own privacy even when the camera is released. By means of screen transmission, content can be shared and presented to others in real time. Using simple actions such as the digital “raising of the hand”, potential customers can comment directly on certain topics during the presentation.

Some features of Microsoft Teams at a glance:


Take your sales to the next level!

This means that modern sales is digital and requires a new way of thinking and a different approach to the interaction with a potential lead and the entire sales process. Google search or social media channels such as your own Linkedin network are a new way of finding companies online and contacting them through digital channels. Where every visitor to your website or Linkedin page is a potential lead, it is increasingly important and more than sensible to think innovatively and digitally when it comes to sales and dealing with potential customers.

Take your sales process to the next level! You now know 4 different application examples including powerful representatives and are perfectly equipped for B2B sales!

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We are guaranteed to find the right salesTALK package for sustainable success in your company!

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