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The secret of customer activation

Did you know that interactively engaging the customer during the Sales Talk increases their attention by over 80%?

Only those who use customer interactions and cause customer activation can be successful in sales talk in the future!

Back to the Driver’s Seat!

The modern customer has become accustomed to taking a leading role in sales presentations. He does not do this out of bad intentions, but to close his knowledge gaps in a short time and to receive only relevant and targeted information.

Modern tools support the salesperson in retaining the leading role, but interactively involving the customer so that he has the feeling of being part of the process. However, the salesperson defines the framework within which the customer can move.

The problem with linearity

Up to now, presentations often consist of inflexible and linear slides due to the way they are made. This technique is suitable for a choreographed technical lecture in front of a large audience, but not for a highly dynamic 1 : 1 conversation.

These presentations are classically a product presentation and not a tool to find the solution to an individual customer problem.

Success with interactions!

So the question is: How do I get the customer out of his leadership role?

With interactions!

The customer has a say in predefined paths. He shares his problems and preferences interactively. He thus helps to elaborate and visualize his problem. All participants are on the same level and – guided by the salesperson – can work out a solution.


With the appropriate tools, the driver’s seat can be recaptured in the sales conversation. The buyer experience increases significantly and more deals are won.