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Presentation System Sales Pitch

Your intelligent interactive salesTALK sales experience


All participants can actively participate in the presentation and its course according to your rules. The interaction of the audience creates attention and interest in each conversation.


The intelligent content of salesTALK allows unprecedented dynamics in your presentation. By means of smart content control, you decide what your audience sees and what they don't.

PowerPoint Import

You already have a company or sales presentation?
Perfect! Existing presentations can be directly imported and extended.

Excel Integration

Use existing Excel data and calculations live in your presentation. Import Excel files directly and easily link values and formulas to presentation elements.

Online & Face-to-Face

salesTALK is always the right solution for your sales talk! Use the program online in your web browser or face-to-face on tablets.

Presentation System for Sales Pitch - salesTALK

In 3 easy steps to an interactive presentation!

Whether a small, medium-sized or large company – the use of effective and efficient presentation software for optimizing one’s own sales processes is unavoidable. Whether online via Zoom with a respectable high-end laptop or in a face-to-face conversation with the briefcase and the relevant sales and presentation documents – as a rule, one’s own salespeople are sent to the potential customer with a standardized PowerPoint presentation.

However, the ability to personally present one’s services and products to the prospective customer by means of presentations may already involve a great deal of work and time investment. For this reason, it is absolutely essential that the company’s own sales staff are optimally prepared and can deliver the presentation of the products or services in a way that is tailored to the customer. Whether online or face-to-face – a dynamic and interactive presentation software ([Plathalter 1]) is therefore the first step towards a successful conversion of the counterpart from prospect to customer. A simple, static PowerPoint presentation overflowing with bullet points is not sufficient in this case. What is needed is dynamic and intelligent presentation software that lets you work with your customer to develop a service package that is right for them – and this is precisely where our salesTALK sales and presentation software comes in as an innovative sales solution for your company.


So what must such a modern and innovative presentation software for your Sales Pitch be able to do?
Are appealing slide transitions and bright colors still enough?

Let’s get really innovative!

Your own Sales Pitch-presentation in just a few steps:

1. Create presentation & user or import templates

2. Enrich with interactions and feed the SellerUI

3. Start immediately: Online via the web browser or offline on mobile devices

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Try salesTALK Professional now for 14 days free of charge!

Try salesTALK Professional free for 14 days. Immediate access. No credit card required.

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The brains behind salesTALK

“The essence of 25 years of joint software development in marketing and sales combined in one tool: salesTALK.”

Patrick Wolf & Wolfgang Müller
CEO salesTALK, relleumSystem GmbH


The Presentation System for your Sales Pitch

What if the salesperson saw more than the customer?

It is clear that the potential client expects exactly that from you – a standardized and inflexible PowerPoint presentation.
So better would be a presentation software with which you:

1. ... be able to react actively to changes in the course of the conversation.

2. ... interact with the counterpart and be able to work out a solution.

3. ... can provide the appropriate information at the right moment.

As your ally in the sales talk, the Presentation System salesTALK as a tool for your sales and marketing teams makes all this possible for you and provides you with your personal wow factor in every sales talk. The software salesTALK allows you to combine the necessary dynamics of all elements of a promising sales talk in one presentation and to present it vividly to your counterpart. But how do you create such dynamics in a sales talk?

Quite simple:
salesTALK allows you to flexibly adapt your own presentation to the course of the conversation!

The answer lies in salesTALK’s own intelligent SellerUI.

The advantages of salesTALK presentations:

Thanks to smart SellerUI, the salesperson always sees more than the customer and thus keeps the upper hand in every sales conversation! salesTALK extends the advantages of PowerPoint with the following features:

Customer View
Rep with SellerUI

With salesTALK, a digital solution is on the market that is able to interactively captivate all participants with dynamic content in sales online or even in direct conversations on site. From now on, your sales and marketing team has a partner and a helping hand at its side – use the powerful SellerUI and control every sales talk or presentation of any kind according to your rules with salesTALK!

We wish you much success and good sales!

Try salesTALK Professional now for 14 days free of charge!

Try salesTALK Professional free for 14 days. Immediate access. No credit card required.

Try now for free

The Status Quo - The Limits of PowerPoint

The top dog among the providers?

The sales process has been digital for a long time. Using software solutions, salespeople have been presenting documents about their products or services to potential customers for many years. PowerPoint is certainly the best-known presentation software on the market. As the top dog among the providers, PowerPoint offers numerous advantages as software for your sales at first glance.    

First and foremost, there is the advantage of habit. Based on the motto “We’ve always done it this way”, companies of all kinds have been using standardized PowerPoint presentations for many years for reasons of simplicity. Following the same pattern, standardized slides about one’s own product or services in the corporate design of the brand or company were already created several years ago. Packed with information and spruced up with some pictures and nice transitions.

Without much room for interaction and active participation, the presentation has since been presented in its static form to changing potential customers.

The advantages of PowerPoint presentations at a glance:

PowerPoint for Sales Pitch?

What is really missing is flexibility, because the practice of the modern sales conversation now looks different.

A modern sales talk must be well prepared. The first step is to do your homework and gather in-depth information about your counterpart before each sales meeting. According to the principle of the “buyer persona,” the counterpart must be closely examined in order to determine which sales arguments are really important in the respective conversation. Is the potential customer concerned about the price? The technical features? Or perhaps the product variety and alternative models?

Assessing the potential customer correctly in advance is an art in itself. If you go into a sales talk with a standardized sales presentation, you run the risk of boring your counterpart with superfluous information and static content.

The limitations of PowerPoint presentations:

Imagine the following scenario: A customer who is important to you and whom you absolutely have to convert in order to meet the required quarterly figures enters your web conference on a Monday morning. Visibly in a bad mood and still thinking about the weekend, this customer is now expecting a 45-minute presentation about your product or service. What if you could exceed this expectation and surprise your customer, guaranteeing that he or she gets your full attention? 

Instead of PowerPoint, modern sales thus demands an alternative.

Try salesTALK Professional now for 14 days free of charge!

Try salesTALK Professional free for 14 days. Immediate access. No credit card required.

Try now for free

Our offer - salesTALK for your company

We have aroused your interest?

With salesTALK, you have a powerful companion for your sales talk.
And the best thing about it: you can test salesTALK Professional free of charge for 14 days.
If you then no longer want to do without salesTALK, you can choose one of the following price packages.


10 / User
monthly billing
  • 5 GB storage
  • Up to 2 presentation participants
  • SellerUI
  • Ping Point presenter
  • PowerPoint import
  • Basic calculations
  • Basic actions


50 / User
monthly billing
  • Additionally to Professional
  • 50 GB storage
  • Up to 10 presentation participants
  • Document management
  • User groups and roles
  • Editor Premium elements

Please note that our prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. Our customers in the EU will be charged VAT according to the applicable rates of their member state, unless a valid VAT number is provided.

Still not convinced?

We are also happy to advise you personally!

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Support for your Sales Pitch - The smart SellerUI

Control every presentation according to your rules!  

Freely according to the customer’s areas of interest, contents of the presentation can be actively controlled and influenced via the SellerUI during the presentation. Different input fields also enable your customer to actively participate in the form of interaction with the content presented in the presentation.  As soon as you notice what your customer is interested in, you actively change the course of the slide and the content presented, thus drastically increasing the relevance of the sales pitch

The smart SellerUI even provides assistance and tips for you as the user based on the customer’s input and is thus at your side as a helping hand at all times. 

With the Pencil function, you as the seller are able to jot down notes on your own user interface of the presentation during the conversation without them being visible to the customer on the slides. Thus, your personal notes are directly on your slides. 

With the salesTALK platform, you are also absolutely flexible with regard to your location. The app is just as efficient online via your web browser during a video conference as offline using mobile devices. In the face-to-face variant, you can hand out mobile devices to your customers so that they can actively use its control surfaces.