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Modern business meeting software #1: Overview

In this series you will learn about the problems of common presentation software and modern business talk.

Whether a small, medium-sized or large company – the use of effective and efficient business meeting software for optimizing your own sales processes is unavoidable.

Whether online via Zoom with a respectable high-end laptop or in a face-to-face conversation with the briefcase and the relevant sales and presentation documents – as a rule, your own salespeople are sent to the potential customer with a standardized PowerPoint presentation.

However, the ability to personally present your services and products to the prospective customer by means of presentations may already involve a great deal of work and time investment.

Good business meeting software supports the presenter

For this reason, it is absolutely essential that the company’s own sales staff are optimally prepared and can deliver the presentation of the products or services in a way that is tailored to the customer. Whether online or face-to-face – a dynamic and interactive presentation software is therefore the first step towards a successful conversion of the counterpart from prospect to customer.

A simple, static PowerPoint presentation overflowing with bullet points is not sufficient in this case. What is needed is dynamic and intelligent business meeting software that lets you work with your customer to develop a service package that is right for them.

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Modern business meeting software #2: Status Quo – The limits of PowerPoint

The sales process has been digital for a long time. Using software solutions, salespeople have been presenting documents about their products or services to potential customers for many years. PowerPoint is certainly the best-known presentation software on the market. As the top dog among the providers, PowerPoint offers numerous advantages as software for your sales at first glance.    

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