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In 4 steps to a better buyer experience

The modern customer is used to being offered an outstanding buyer experience on the Internet. Online, this usually happens with a continuous customer journey.

But the customer also expects this familiar buyer experience in personal sales conversations!

Barrier-free sales talk & feel good

Remove any barriers that make it difficult to enter the conversation.

Avoid the need for a conference room or in face to face conversation too much closeness.

Assume a sitting position where you can look your counterpart in the eye and correctly interpret body language.

Individual Storytelling in Customer Journey

Only present content that is relevant to the customer.

Use systems that prepare documents individually and keep the focus on solving your customer’s problem even during the conversation.

Exciting presentation

Engage your conversation partner interactively.

Use pencil selling to explain complex issues.

Unbeatable seller

Be the most competent salesperson in the world.

Use systems that support you with additional information during the conversation so that you do not forget anything and have a qualified answer to every objection or question.

With the right sales tools, the substantial increase in buyer experience is achieved in no time at all.

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Modern sales tools #9: Summary

From the different areas mentioned above only small parts or single functions are needed. A full size software is often overloaded and as an external software it forces the participants to leave the presentation, e.g. in order not to vote in a poll tool. Here the supposed loosening up of the presentation leads to technical insecurities, which must be avoided at all costs. modern sales tools

Modern sales tools #8: Sales automation tools

Sales automation tools refer to the comprehensive automation of sales processes by means of intelligent hardware and software. Through better management, administrative tasks are to be minimized in this way, thus making everyday work easier. The aim here is that the salesperson can invest the time thus saved in the actual sales conversation.

Modern sales tools #7: Interactive online tools

Interactive online tools activate the participants of an online meeting. The interaction, for example the click to answer a question or the activation of a slider, increases the attention and the emotional connection to the presentation.

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