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How insight-driven presentations improve the buyer experience

B2B buyers now spend only 17% of their time in supplier meetings. The pressure for sellers to perform optimally in this shrinking time window is growing.

A good buyer experience is the decisive building block here.

We’ll show you how insight-driven presentations significantly enhance the buyer experience.

Use insights

The buyer experience is most immediate in the sales talk. It is directly determined by the salesperson, the documents and the discussion situation.

To start the conversation, all the information known in advance should be used and the presentation adapted. Right at the beginning, the customer is positively surprised that the salesperson addresses his individual problem without detours.

In the course of the conversation, the increasingly gained knowledge is used accordingly to further adapt the presentation. In the end, the customer only receives information that is relevant to him and serves to solve his problem.

Individual Storytelling

In the B2B sector, too, personal emotionality plays an essential role in the purchase decision, especially when buying complex products and services. Here, the customer must be given confidence and competence in solving his problem.

Customized storytelling is a key moment to make the journey from problem/need to solution together with the customer.

Buyer experience is a decisive factor

Buyer experiences make the difference between lost and won business.

As sales become more digital and potential customers have more knowledge at their fingertips, companies need to create a high-quality buyer experience that sets their product apart from the competition.

B2B sellers need to understand what buyers think and what they want in order to evaluate the end-to-end buying experience from both sides of the table.


Modern content automatically adapts to the addressee. The further the conversation progresses, the more precisely the content is adapted to the customer and his problem.

Personal emotionality also plays an essential role in B2B purchasing decisions, especially when buying complex products and services.

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