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Good online presentation #7: Stay in the driver’s seat!

The goal is to remain during the business meeting in an active and leading role – in the driver’s seat. Only in this way can you successfully find solutions to the customer’s problem together with him. The salesperson is the expert and not the other way around! The presentation should support the spoken word for the listener. Here mood pictures or illustrations are suitable. Complex contexts can be explained excellently in this way.

Solve detailed questions quickly

You should not be distracted by detailed questions. The customer’s problem and its solution are the exclusive core of the conversation.

Answer detailed questions in a qualified but brief manner and check for relevance to the problem solution. Stay focused!

Stay relevant in the driver’s seat

In order to stay relevant, it helps to recognize the customer’s smallest movements and to react immediately.

Only show live controlled presentations

It is absolutely necessary to prevent the customer from scrolling through the presentation himself, otherwise it can happen that the customer has questions about page 8 although you would like to record his problem on page 2 in peace. It is then difficult to get back into an orderly conversation.

Define goals for the conversation

Defining a goal for the conversation is very good: Today we want to name your problem and discuss some possible solutions.

Show a measured amount of information

For example, do not show a table of contents of possible solutions to be discussed at the beginning.

If you show the customer too much beforehand, he will wait impatiently for what he thinks is most exciting.

It is your Presentation and you make the rules! Stay in the driver’s seat!

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