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Gain insights and use them in sales talks

Digitization is also taking place in purchasing: the customer’s own research is taking on an increasingly large part, and the challenge of modern sales is to turn the personal conversation into a real value-added talk.

Value-Added Talk means responding to the customer individually in order to offer them real added value as a supplement to their own research. Documents tailored specifically to the customer’s problem make a significant contribution to successful Value-Added Talk and the positive buyer experience.

To create individual documents, you need information about the customer and his problem. We show you how to gain these insights and use them correctly in the sales conversation.

What are the different types of insights?

  • Information gained about the customer and the specific customer problem prior to the sales call, e.g. from sales enablement.
  • Information gathered during the presentation, such as
    • Personal impressions of the salesperson, e.g. according to the DISG model 
    • Recorded responses from open questions 
    • Interactions of the customer in the presentation 
    • Additional notes and entries of the seller, e.g. in SellerUI

Use of gained insights

The insights gained can be used on a factual and emotional level:

Factual level

  • Present only relevant content 
  • Satisfy the need for information even in detail 
  • Present explanations in a problem-related manner 

Emotional level

A personal and type-appropriate presentation of the content: 

  • Illustrations: Diagrams or pictures 
  • Information preparation: numbers or mood images 
  • Language: technical jargon or marketing texts 

More Buyer Experience through Insights

Based on insights gained in the run-up to and during the presentation, custom-fit documents are automatically created and presented according to type. 

In this way, the salesperson can generate real added value in a personal conversation and significantly increase the buyer experience.