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The features of salesTALK

Master any presentation

Features of salesTALK



Ping Point Presenter

You want to show something as a presenter? When you click with the left mouse button, a “ping” is created at this point that is visible to all participants. This makes it child’s play to draw attention and, for example, prompt people to click on interactive elements.

Ping Point Participants

You want to see what your participants click on? The Ping Point also works in the other direction: With a “ping” you can see on your presenter view which areas of the presentation your participants click on.

Pencil Function

Using the Pencil function, every presentation and also PDF documents can be annotated and thus even complex issues can be explained simply and clearly step by step.


The SellerUI is your view as presenter and origin of dynamics & interactivity. You always see more than the participants and thus have all notes in front of you. In addition, the SellerUI provides intelligent suggestions based on the progress of the presentation.


The PrivateUI allows your employees to add their own permanent annotations to your presentations. Like the SellerUI annotations, these annotations are only visible to the presenter. The Private UI brings more flexibility to the presentation of your employees.

PDF View Presenter & Participants

PDF documents can be seamlessly integrated. The interactive PDF viewer allows seamless zoom of PDF documents on all devices.
With salesTALK you can add annotations to any PDF using the Pencil feature. These annotations are retained for the duration of the session / customer meeting.

No Code Editor for interactions

Creating intelligent content has never been easier than with the Action Editor from salesTALK! This no-code editor makes it child’s play to add interactions to individual elements via drag-and-drop.

3D-Elements Integration

With salesTALK, three-dimensional elements can be integrated and viewed. It is possible to interact with these very elements. 

Digital Signature

Perfect for your salesTALK: Thanks to digital signature, the deal can be closed right after the conversation. 



Switch Buttons

Simple queries and states can be easily integrated into the presentation via switch buttons. A or B? Let your participants decide and learn more about your target group!


More complex facts about a variety of states can be intuitively presented using sliders. Thus, during the presentation, your participants can determine for themselves which case is most likely to apply.

Slider Story

Silder Story instead of video! The salesTALK Slider Story turns linear videos into an active explanation tool. Images can be played like a video, or moved frame-by-frame with the slider. Individual images are interchangeable during the presentation, according to the needs of the participants. Individual images or sequences can be supplemented dynamically, e.g. with different captions.


The multi-status field of salesTALK allows to record the feedback of participants. To do this, click on the field several times in succession until the desired status is reached. Up to four statuses can be stored.

Form Elements

Input Box



PowerPoint Import

You already have a company or sales presentation? Perfect! Existing presentations can be imported and extended directly.

Excel Integration

Use existing Excel data and calculations live in your presentation. Import Excel files directly and easily link values and formulas to presentation elements.

CRM Access

Link salesTALK with your CRM and access existing data records! Within seconds, presentations can be personalized to your next participants.

Mobile zu Mobile Link

With salesTALK, all participants have their own pad or phone in hand with which they can follow the presentation or actively participate.

Teams Integration

Harness the full power of salesTALK in your Teams conference. With the salesTALK extension for Teams you experience the same exciting interactivity and functionality as in the web version.


salesTALK can be integrated into projects via the included Web API. 

Datenbase Conection

salesTALK can be connected to any database via the Web API.

Website Client

Thanks to the website client, your presentations can also be displayed on your own homepage. 



Interactive Presenter

Frontal presentations were yesterday. As a presenter, you can actively control the presentation according to your rules. During the presentation, content can be adapted inconspicuously for the participants, and tailored to the interests of the audience.

Interactive Participants

All participants can actively participate and interactions of the participants have a direct impact on the course of the presentation. The conversation experience becomes much more intense for the customer and the presenter visibly gains relevance.

User groups

All users can be divided into groups. Multiple assignment of a user is possible.

Rights management

Each user and individual user groups can be assigned specific rights.

User roles

There are the following user roles: Administrator, Content Creator and User. These individual roles have different authorities in the system.


Customized design

Customized branding

Customize every presentation to the character of your company! Store logo, company colors and address for your entire presentation within seconds!

Customized layout

With salesTALK’s presentation editor you can implement your own free layout. There are neither limits nor defaults.


Access and participation

Presenter lobby link

Every attendee can participate in the salesTALK presentation barrier-free by simply clicking on the link to the presenter lobby.

Follow Up with individual presentation link

Presentation recorded from a session in the final state are sendable via link including all annotations in the participant view! 

Unlimited participants

Regardless of your package, there are no limits to the number of participants.

Lobby system

Participants who follow your lobby link will first enter their personal lobby. You as the presenter can bring the participants from the waiting area into the presentation as soon as you are ready.

Fixed online room per employee

Each of your employees gets a fixed room for their own presentations. Rooms thus never have to be shared and appointments coordinated.



Data security - Hosted in Germany

Your salesTALK presentations are hosted on servers in Frankfurt according to EU security standards and are therefore secure.

Encrypted communication

With salesTALK your communication is in safe hands. Every presentation is 256-bit encryption over HTTPS(SSL/TLS).

Data privacy compliant

salesTALK complies with German security standards.