Buyer Experience

Enable your customer to have an interesting and rewarding conversation in a relaxed atmosphere right from the start.

Create relevance and sustainability for your customer with insight-driven documents.

Use existing information from a variety of sources to start the sales conversation with performant documentation.

Continuously collect information during the conversation and respond to the customer’s needs in an increasingly individualized way.

Individual Storytelling

Impress customers with an individual customer story!

Pick up your customer from the beginning where he stands: Knowledge level, affinity level, social characteristics and type (DISG model).

With salesTALK you individualize the customer story based on the customer’s needs.

Explain products in the customer’s language and skillfully close their knowledge gaps.

The individual storytelling of salesTALK visualizes the documents appropriately for the customer.

Added Value

Offer your customers real added value in personal sales conversations compared to doing their own research.

Advise your customers individually based on their specific needs and develop customized solutions with individual documents tailored to the customer’s requirements. An interesting and exciting presentation with interactive elements enables you to satisfy your customer’s need for information to the point.

Create Relevance

Show your customer only content that contributes to his problem analysis and solution.

Answer all questions confidently and show him the appropriate information. With salesTALK’s intelligent documents, most questions are anticipated and the right information and documents are automatically displayed in SellerUI.

Consultative Selling

With Consultative Selling you lead your customer from the needs analysis to the solution.

Intelligently posed need-payoff-questions let the customer sell the product himself and lead to a much higher closing rate. The SellerUI provides you with help on how to do this.

Conversion Quality

Whether on-site or via the Internet. The buyer experience is always of the same high quality.

This starts with a barrier-free conversation entry: In a face-to-face sales conversation, simply sit down and get started, or participate in an online sales conversation via the browser without add-ons. From participatory functions to individualized storytelling, everything is available to the customer.


The customer can be integrated interactively and thus becomes part of the action.

The relevance of the result of the conversation is increased because the customer himself is part of the solution finding process.