salesTALK for sales

Prepare a unique buyer experience for the customer


give valuable feedback to marketing.

Buyer Experience

Deliver the optimal buyer experience to your customers right from the start: This begins with a relaxed atmosphere without technical barriers.

Address your customers according to their type through individual storytelling.

Only present content that is relevant to your customers.

Use interactions to actively involve your customers in the conversation.

Present products that require explanation through intelligent and interactive content.

One tool

One tool for everything:

  • Face-to-face on-site sales talk
  • Online sales talk
  • Presentation via Apple TV / large monitor

With salesTALK, your salespeople offer the same buyer experience on all channels.

They are independent of infrastructure and local conditions. Use the same interface and the same documents with SellerUI support wherever you are.


The SellerUI makes your salespeople unbeatable!

  • Supports your sales staff with intelligent recommendations for action and additional information on the current talk situation
  • Remembers shown contents and provides further information
  • Is only visible for the seller


Get your new sales reps into successful sales faster with integrated help.

Allow your sales force more valuable selling time. Eliminate time-wasters like searching for documents or repeat training.


Your sales reps provide feedback to marketing on content and additional information during the talk: easily and in detail in SellerUI .

Let your sales reps provide valuable and unfiltered input to assess and contribute to shaping the sales process.