salesTALK for marketing

Actively support your sales force.

Learn in real time from the experiences of your sales force.

Marketing and sales work together for success and listen to each other.

Customizable Storytelling

Create customizable materials that dynamically adapt to the customer’s buyer persona during the conversation.

Each customer is picked up where he stands. Explanations, derivations and argumentations are adapted to the needs of the customer.

Each customer gets his individual buyer story.

Modern documents

Use new opportunities in your sales documents to sell in a new way:

  • Interactions for all participants in the conversation: salesperson and customer
  • Tell picture stories dynamically with a slider
  • Use whiteboard features as the part of explanation
  • Explain complex relationships in a new way

Quick feedback

See in a timely manner if documents and help are being accepted by sales.

Rate each screen and help to more quickly address sales or customer needs.

Actively support sales

Integrate aids such as discussion guidelines, benefit argumentation or objection handling in the SellerUI so that the salesperson can use them at the appropriate points.

Your sales staff will not be shaken by anything.


Seamlessly integrate salesTALK as an extension to your existing systems and tools.