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From front to individual presentation

In today’s world, customers want to be addressed individually. He wants to be perceived as an individual and his needs should be addressed. The question is: Can current presentation techniques achieve this? Let’s think of PowerPoint, PDF and the like. Let’s look at where conventional

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The Power of Two iPads – Sales Talk Reimagined

Until now, there has been a strict separation of training materials and resources from the actual customer presentation shown in the sales talk. This also makes sense, because the customer should not be confronted with training content and receive resources only when needed. But actually

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Seller always knows more – Guided Talk

The salesperson should be perceived as competent and relevant at all times in the sales talk. To this end, not inconsiderable efforts are made in advance: Training is provided, sales enabled, and the customer qualified and typecast. Meaningful documents are prepared and a portfolio of

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