Smart Sales Presentation Tool

Intelligent — Interactive — Hybrid

salesTALK enhances existing systems and significantly increases the sales experience.

Buyer Experience

Enable your customer to have an interesting and rewarding conversation in a relaxed atmosphere right from the start.

Create relevance and sustainability for your customer with insight-driven documents.

Use existing information from a variety of sources to start the sales conversation with performant documentation.

Continuously collect information during the conversation and respond to the customer’s needs in an increasingly individualized way.


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Face-to-face and online sales conversations

Conduct sales conversations without artificially created barriers.

Let your customers participate with an tablet or online via web browser.

salesTALK spans its own network on site and does not require the internet.

Support for the salesperson

Get smart support in the sales conversation with the SellerUI: relevant recommendations for action and additional information suitable for the current conversation situation.

Explain your documents individually with the whiteboard functions.

Capture notes about the conversation and use them in future sales conversations.

salesTALK, das innovative Tool für Ihre Verkaufsgespräch


Product education, training and coaching in one tool.

Securing of learning success over months, as the right help is available at the right time in the SellerUI.

Rarely used content or special cases can always be discussed with the same high quality.