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Breakthrough: Account Based Selling now Even to Unknown Customers

Selling products that require explanation to unknown customers is difficult. The salesperson often encounters this situation at the point of sale or during (initial) on-site consultation appointments.

Meeting the customer’s expectation

The customer’s expectations of the sales meeting are very high. From the Internet, they are used to having their situation and problems addressed individually.

This makes it all the more important to provide at least the same level of individualization during an initial contact. This requires account based selling tools that analyze the customer conversation in the background.

Based on this knowledge, the presentation is continuously individualized on the account basesd selling infos. The customer feels noticed and only relevant content is presented to him.

Individual Storytelling in account based selling

Any kind of insights are analyzed. Insights include sales notes or customer interactions. This information is the basis for the continuous adaptation of the presentation.

With each insight, the presentation becomes more individual. The customer receives real added value from the conversation and the goal of a successful solution to the customer’s problem is achieved in a targeted manner.


In short, with the right account based selling tools, it is possible to create real value for the customer during the sales conversation. The buyer experience is significantly enhanced and the salesperson wins the deal.

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