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Good online presentation #1: Overview

A good online presentation requires the necessary preparation. Apart from a good familiarization and preparation of a topic, the same questions always arise: What should be on the slides? What is the best way to activate the audience? Which elements should be used? – In this series you will learn the top tips and features of a presentation that really works!

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What makes a good online presentation?

Whether on-site or online from your home office – even if you have already had a multitude of successful presentations at university, at a client meeting or even at conferences regularly stand in front of a larger audience and give presentations, a good tip can never hurt, because you can always do better!

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Presentation Software Sales

Whether a small, medium-sized or large company – the use of effective and efficient presentation software for optimizing one’s own sales processes is unavoidable.

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The new turbo for your sales talk: Value added sales talk

The turbo for your sales talk: Value added sales talk
In the future, only deals that offer real added value and respond individually to customer problems will be won in sales talks. In this article, we will show you how to conduct a Value Added Sales Talk using suitable tools.

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