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Awesome presentations #3: Interactive presentations and desktop sharing become one

It is modern to enrich presentations with interactive elements. The goal is to break the ice, to increase the attention of the participants and to keep it over the duration of the presentation. If the participants themselves become an active part of the presentation, the connection to the presentation is also greater because they have interacted themselves.

Interactive elements can include consent, gamification, polls, survey  or approvals. The goal is to have the participants actively express themselves.

Such interactive passages of the presentation should be used in a well-dosed manner on the one hand and seamlessly integrated in presentations on the other hand. Leaving the presentation should be avoided at all costs. Currently, however, calling up a link to an external survey or polling system is the norm. Besides disrupting the harmonious flow of the presentation, exiting the presentation environment also poses technical risks: Will the poll be displayed correctly? The results are also displayed in the external system.

The same applies to switching between interactive presentations and desktop sharing. This process must be completely seamless for the participants and the host and must be conveniently executable with only one screen.

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